“Hi Katherine, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing course, it was so brilliant and our massage time is honestly the highlight of our day. Skye and I both love it, it’s been such a gift for our relationship and such an incredible way to bond. Thank you so much.”

Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella), 2020

“Baby massage was the first class we did when Marlon was 3 months old and we both absolutely loved it. It was the most serene and lovely place to be (the venue is beautiful) I looked forward to going every Wednesday. It was a really nice hour to spend with other mothers, sharing and learning baby massage together which felt so nurturing. Katherine is a wonderful teacher very experienced open and calm and in turn nurtured us as mothers and gave us tea and cake every week.I really looked forward to it and would like to bring my son back to enjoy the experience again.”

Ella, 2022

“Absolutely amazing massage class. Katherine is so warm, welcoming, accommodating and wise. Not only have I learnt a great massage, but I feel I have grown more confident as a mother through the safe space created. Thank you so much and I will see you again next term and next baby!”

Siobhan and Noa, 2022

“My baby and I joined when Edward was 6 weeks old, and it was an ideal first class. A calm supportive environment led by Katherine with an opportunity to share experiences, and enjoy learning baby massage techniques together. A lovely introduction to venturing out with your new baby, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Katherine’s baby massage class.”

Fiona, 2022

“Lulu loves the messages but more than that, it’s the way Katherine is able to unite all of us mums with similar experiences. it’s become a warm safe space that I love to be!”

Cherish, 2022

“Brilliant class, very gentle and responsive to babies, not to mention lovely tea, cake and chats! I 100% recommend it.”

Rachel, 2022

“This was the best thing I have done with my baby to date”

Claudia, 2020

“The best part of the course was you – you are so kind and knowledgable and the way you run the group is magical. You have such a lovely way and I feel calm every time I walk in here!

Stephanie, 2020

“This is the second time attending the baby massage group and we have loved every minute. Lilah isn’t always interested in participating she loves to watch! – but the massage techniques have been valuable in establishing an evening routine and getting used to touch as part of her day.
Katherine creates a very soothing, safe space for new mums as we navigate the first few months with a new baby. I have recommended to my ante natal class and wouldn’t hesitate to sign up again.

Ozzie and Lilah, now 15 weeks 2021

“I loved the massage itself such a lovely and special thing to do with your baby, and a very bonding experience. It feels like an important thing to be able to learn, so that your baby can experience gentle touch, and have a peaceful moment. Massage aside it was a very peaceful and trusting space. I looked forward to a comforting moment in the day. I really appreciated and enjoyed the group discussion and sharing was encouraged. Katherine has a very comforting, reassuring and confident demeanour, which made everyone feel at ease.

Francesca, 2021

“Thank you Katherine. It’s really been the most wonderful thing to do in the early weeks. It’s great to have time dedicated to doing something we both enjoy and learn from. I am now able to massage everyday and it helps to bring structure and calmness to the day. It’s a lovely touch to have tea and homemade cake each week too! Much appreciated.

Miriam and Edith, 2021

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the class. Katherine is a great and patient teacher. It is a relaxed and welcoming safe space for new mum and babies. I would recommend this class to all new mums. Thank you Katherine

Shantel, 2021

“I very much enjoyed the baby massage course, not only learning how to massage my baby but also it has felt like a ‘safe’ space to come and talk to Katherine and other mums about how things are going and various issues we are all experiencing. It is very therapeutic!
Also it has been so lovely to learn another way to connect with my baby rather than just playing or cuddling. It really is a special class! Thank you.

Kate, 2019

“Thank you Katherine, what a safe and calm place to come – my favourite hour of the week. I have loved every second and met some lovely people. And as for the massage itself – this has been amazing for Romilly’s colic and bonding. Taught in a very caring way. Thank you so much.

Frankie and Rommily, 2109

“Thank you Katherine for a wonderful and supportive five weeks of baby massage.It has been a haven for me as I get to grips with motherhood – there can be so much pressure on new mums especially, and the positive forum you create and the tranquility of massage has been a highlight of these early months. We are delighted to be repeating the course for a second time!

Izzie, 2019

“Loved this course! Wednesday became my favourite day of the week. The class was wonderful in every way, Katherine, the other women, massage, banana bread! Could not recommend it more.

Frankie, 2019

“Thank you so much for the course. I have learn so much about massage and different things I can use to help with colic. We have loved the course and I am going back to do it again in the new year!

Raine and Ezra, 2019

“Thank you for a lovely class! Very relaxing and a lovely bonding time. Ruby loved it.

Hellie and Ruby, 2019

“Absolutely fantastic, loved every class! Not only a wonderful way to learn about massaging your baby but also to get together with other lovely mums and have a chat!

Henrietta, 2019

“Absolutely love baby massage and so does Finlay. We practice each night and it is our favourite time of day. It has definitely improved his sleep.

Nicola, 2019

“Lovely class – great mix of structural massage and free flowing mum chat. Great peaceful environment. Thank you.

Laura, 2019

“Lovely way to bond with baby and other mums and babies of a similar age. Relaxing light space. Great opportunity to meet other mums.

Gabi, 2019

“-Such a great activity to bond with baby.
-Relaxing friendly environment with a lovely group
-she loves massage and nightly routine.
-Will do again!!

Toni, 2019